Parallel Public Works: Building online strategies and solutions for the greater good

Community gather for walkway funded via Canopy, a suite of tools for nonprofits developed by Parallel

Community gather for walkway funded via Canopy, a suite of tools for nonprofits developed by Parallel

Who We Are

We are a web design and development agency providing digital marketing and content strategy consulting, design services, user testing, custom application development, CMS implementation, software training, and ongoing support services.

But we do so specifically for governments, non-profits, and the public space.

Our Vision

We believe governments and non-profit organizations deserve the same quality and innovation in their technologies and digital presence as private sector businesses. Without thoughtfully designed and developed solutions for the dissemination of information and services, public trust and engagement degrades.

Why focus on the public sector?

We understand the unique challenges governments and non-profits face. During an era of fast paced technological change and evolving online communication strategies, public institutions and organizations are tasked  with keeping pace and investing in technologies and strategies that may grow and flex as the digital landscape changes and organizational goals shift.  Now more than ever, trust and transparency are of the utmost importance. We are committed to helping organization’s leverage their online presence and digital strategy to bolster trust and transparency between them and the communities they serve.


Through a user-centric lense, we work as your collaborative partner to craft strategies and develop solutions that meet the needs of the end user in a beautifully designed, intuitive way that maximizes user engagement with your organization.  We dive into your organization's mission and goals, work with leadership, internal staff, and stakeholders to clearly understand the challenges at hand, and craft a sustainable strategy and solution that speaks to the needs of your end users, as well as the needs of your internal staff.  

If you would like to learn more about how Parallel Public Works can help you, give us a ring at 206.755.3814 or shoot us a note at