Digital Infrastructure Strategy

Managing the ecosystem of online, networked technologies for the public sector and non-profits.


Digital infrastructure, especially in smaller municipalities, can grow organically over the years, causing headaches in workflow, consistent communication, and data collection. Parallel works with organizations to regain control of these technological services, and help align them to better serve your mission.

Parallel will map all connected services, data sources, and stores at your organization. We will develop a set of principles to guide future data and communication infrastructure decisions. We then help you map out a timeline for any changes or improvements over the next 24 to 36 months so there is no guessing along the way and you can keep decisions, priorities, and budgets on track.

Digital Roadmap

For municipalites and non-profits needing to evaluate and streamline their current digital services.



Assessment of current use of Digital Service

Complete mapping of All digital services currently in use

User analysis

Data flow analysis

Strategy brief outlining Findings, Principles, and steps to improve

Formal Presentation to Board, staff, Or Council



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