Ongoing Support

Going live is only the beginning.


Once your application is launched, you need a partner to maintain your application, update it as needed, and be your frontline of defense against any security issues that may arise. In the public and non-profit sectors, this is especially important as IT staff can be limited or completely non-existent.

At Parallel we take pride in our long-term partnerships with organizations. We offer both application support and completely managed hosting.



Application support

For organizations without dedicated IT resources needing full technical support.



Application support

Content updates

Security patches

Online ticketing system

Email Support

Phone support

Backup and Recovery services

- and more

Managed hosting

For organizations needing high-performance and secure hosting.

Content Strategy


Shared and Dedicated Hosting options

OFfsite backups

Fully managed servers

Transactional email

Video hosting

Email newsletters

Advanced search

- and more



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