Better software for the public good

We design, renovate, and maintain software for governments and non-profits to create transparency, build trust, and connect public interest organizations to the people they serve.



What we do

Design & Development

We couple a strong, user-centered design process with a responsive, phased, Agile/Scrum development methodology to deliver intelligent, efficient, and beautiful websites and applications.

Technical Consulting

We help non-profits, municipalities, and public agencies navigate the technical resources and open source solutions that are available to them and provide guidance, project management, and implementation services

Brand/Content Strategy

We work with our clients to hone their message, mission, and materials through content consulting, creative direction, and search engine optimization.

UX Design

Your users' motivations, goals, and potential frustrations drive our creative and techincal work. We provide in-person workshops, comprehensive user testing, and extensive use of interactive prototypes to refine our applications.

Product Development

Parallel designs and develops online products for the public and non-profit sectors including SaaS applications built for our clients and services like Canopy, our text-to-give product for non-profits


Since many constituents primarily interact with services via a mobile device we build "Mobile-first" applications that are responsive across multiple platforms.


What's New


We partner with government agencies, non-profits, private industry, and public institutions.