Change Management

Photo by Jens Lelie on Unsplash

Photo by Jens Lelie on Unsplash

“Technology does not drive change - it enables it change”
— Anonymous

With any web redesign project comes organizational shifts in systems, workflow processes, or business procedures. It’s hard to realize these shifts while reviewing wireframes and deciding fonts and colors until you staff has to suddenly alter their workflows and adapt to new systems. Not to mention, these shifts aren’t temporary just to keep the project timeline moving but are critical for the long term, ongoing success of the end product.

Anticipate the impact early

In our experience, change starts in the early research and planning phases of a project.  Through technical and content audits, we get right to assessing what is working, what needs refinement, and what will definitely change as an outcome of a project. From deciding how your web content is organized to new data entry processes, each decision has the possibility of impacting your staff and their day to day.

Change is a natural outcome of a website redesign or shift in digital strategies and as your partner, we help manage those organizational shifts. Through staff interviews, workshops, and trainings we help collect important insights, cultivate collaborative buy-in, and help provide the tools you need for continued success. We will work with you to streamline internal workflows and integrate systems and processes where possible, resulting in a product that is easy for org staff to engage with and maintain over time.

A digital project is an opportunity to improve your whole organization

These shifts really do provide an opportunity to refine and enhance your internal structures and workflows while increasing overall engagement with your mission via your renewed online presence. With our help and guidance, we won’t let these organizational shifts overwhelm you or limit the potential of your digital project.

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