University of Washington Environmental Health and Safety


UW EH&S had an outdated website, in both design and usability.

UW Environmental Health and Safety is an administrative department at the University of Washington that assists organizational units in meeting their responsibility to protect the environment and to provide a safe and healthful place for employment and learning on the UW Campus. The department had a website that was challenging for users to navigate, had numerous content contributors adding to content to the site without any guidelines or cohesive strategy, and information was organized in a non-intuitive, department-centric manner.

Parallel helped UW EH&S rethink their content strategy and how they presented their programmatic and training information.  

EH&S has a range of program and resource offerings from biological and chemical safety to building and workplace safety and support. The site also provided access to required training for campus employees and lab students. During the Discovery phase, we found that users had a challenging time locating critical information relevant to their specific needs.  

In collaboration with EH&S, we established a more user-centric information architecture and helped them build consensus on a new content strategy.  

The updated content strategy categorized information and resources into seven (7) overarching categories, Biological, Chemical, Environments, Fire & Life, Radiation, Research & Lab, and Workplace. We provided templates so users could enjoy a consistent layout, look and feel for program pages. These changes allowed users to easily navigate program pages with a lot of information and helped content contributors provide information in a meaningful and relevant manner.  

Features include:

  • Content Strategy & Consensus building

  • Training guide wizard

  • Full search with Solr

  • Resource Library

  • Integrated SSO

  • Responsive design


CATEGORY: Website/Drupal

CLIENT: University of Washington


Full Solr search

Content strategy and consensus building

Resource library

Responsive design