Partnership. Your mission is the framework we start from.

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While we have the technological experience and know how to build beautiful applications and websites, our clients have the experience and trust of their stakeholders and communities they serve. 

We build on your mission

Whether it’s completing a website overhaul or assessing and consulting on a digital strategic plan, we sit down and get to know your mission, purpose, and vision. Using that understanding as a framework, we help you assess your technological landscape and identify what is working, what could be improved and make recommendations with your vision for the future in mind. This results in a digital strategy that will fully encompass your technical landscape so your systems and processes are integrated and working in sync with one another.

Your users first

In addition to getting to know you and the work you do we also take care to understand the people you serve, your end users. This element of our work is crucial to creating technological solutions that meet the needs and motivations of your audience. Through interviews, testing and data collection, we hone in on why users come to your site, any frustrations they encounter, and insights on what could improve their experience with your website or application.  

Partners and tools for the long term success of your mission

A website redesign process and end product should yield the most bang for your buck, especially for our non-profit clients working with limited budgets, tight grant cycles, and the pressures of your day-to-day work. We use a agile development process which allows us to build out a website and application in a way that allows for continuous improvement over time. Your end product will not be a static website that will just have to be revamped in a few years. Instead, we deliver a living website that may be improved and refined as your staff and end users use the site and provide feedback or identify additional needs over time.

This approach to website design and development provides the opportunity to create user-centric solutions which in turn will increase your online presence and engagement with your organization. This can mean increased engagement from volunteers/donors, extended reach of your programs and services and add a level of sophistication and sustainable growth for your organization.

Thinking of improving what you do online? Please drop us a line at or call at 206.755.3814.