Building a Product and Price Structure Specifically for Non-profits

Photo by  Nick Fewings  on  Unsplash

Fully custom website projects can be a monolithic expense to the non-profits we serve.  

While our process and approach is tailored towards non-profits, we decided it was time to build a product specifically for non-profit organizations at an affordable price. We are currently developing a product for non-profits called Canopy.  Canopy will provide a lot of the features that we find many of our non-profit clients needing such as full search, resource library, donation forms, integration with CRMs, and board management tools. 

It is important to us to develop a pricing structure that works for our non-profit clients and we are working on a tiered monthly subscription that will provide a quality product with a lower cost of entry.  In addition to an affordable solution, our team will continue to develop and add features that subscribing customers will have access to, providing the opportunity for continuous improvement of your website while not breaking the bank.

Your website and online presence should reflect the good work your organization does and Canopy will make the prospect of a website redesign more realistic for organizations with limited resources.   

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more details!